Forklift trucks
We invite you for the course on forklift stacking trucks to the Centre for Staff Training ERGON! Our course participants always get to know forklift stacking trucks and therefore it is easy to obtain qualifications. All our courses on forklift stacking trucks are taught on the basis of our qualified lecturers and instructors as well as up-to-date law regulations. Courses are run on all levels, that is why you can get I, II, III WJO qualifications for operating every kind of machine.

The training on forklift stacking trucks is divided into theory and practice. During the theoretical part, you will get information on the construction and principles of the machine functions as well as using the machine in a safe way in accordance with EHS and UDT( the Office of Technical Inspection) regulations. In the practical part, participants learn the maneuvering of the machine and doing different works. After completing the training, you can take the Office of Technical Inspection exam and receive qualifications. Thanks to our trainings being run comprehensively and putting the emphasis on effects, getting qualifications is much easier.

Forklift stacking trucks or forklift trucks are machines for close transport which have comprehensive use. They are used for transporting goods mainly on wooden pallets in warehouses, industrial halls, shops and harbours.

The division of trucks is in accordance with UDT ( the Office of Technical Inspection) categories of qualifications. Among them, there are machines with different kinds of transmission including electric, battery, petrol and Diesel engine transmission. As far as the exploitation is concerned, there are hoisting, elevating, pulling, loaded or dedicated forklifts. According to the way of operating/ driving the machine, there are driven ,platform, remote controlled forklifts and ones equipped with chairs.

Types of qulifications:
UDT ( the Office of Technical Inspection) distinguishes three categories of qualifications needed to operate the machine:

  • Category I WJO:
    - forklift hoisting trucks
    - forklift dedicated hosting trucks- with an operator raised with the load and with a changeable extension
  • Category II WJO:
    - forklift elevating trucks despite dedicated ones
  • Category III WJO:
    - forklift elevating trucks driven or remote-controlled

The purpose of the training
Trainings in our offer are aimed at people who are over 18, have elementary education completed and have no contraindications to work as an operator.

Currently, workers are being looked for in many worksites. They should have qualifications for forklift elevating trucks. Trainings run in our centre will be good investment which helps to find employment. Trainings are organised for groups of workers funneled by an employer. We can make them at any time and place.

We invite you to use our offer.