The Office of Technical Inspection is the state institution whose purpose is ensuring the safety of work with industrial machines and installations. Both UDT (the Office of Technical Inspection) Warsaw and other offices existing in every big city are to confirm skills of doing activities and the understanding of conditions connected with standards, law regulations and technical supervision for workers on positions which involve the operation of technical machines. That is done by giving them special UDT qualifications (the Office of Technical Inspection).

For doing work, testified UDT (the Office of Technical Inspection) qualifications are needed. Without them, a worker has no right to operate machines. In order to do so, workers must participate in UDT course involving both theory and practice including individual operation and machine service and then , taking an exam.

Among equipment, which require having UDT qualifications for the operation, there are:

  • mobile platforms (airlifts)- qualifications on airlift is given cat. IP and IIP. Depending on used mobile platforms, certain qualifications are needed
  • gantries controlled from the working floor and fromt he cabin
  • rail, tower and portable HDS jib cranes
  • freight and building cranes
  • winches controlled from the working floor and from the cabin
  • machines for filling and emptying containers, container maneuvring
  • freight and passenger ski slopes and funicular railways
  • stackers for building tracks
  • forklifts- qualifications on forklifts are given as those connected with UDT (the Office of Technical Inspection) or not

For the operation of presented machines, the worker must complete the training and get certain qualifications. For the state UDT (the Office of Technical Inspection) exam, the worker is prepared during the course and then, after its positive result, they get qualifications.

The legal basis:

  • the act from 21 December 2000 on technical supervision (Dz. U. No 122, item1321, with later changes)
  • the Ordinance of the Economy Minister on the procedure of checking required qualifications while operating and servicing technical machines dated on 18 July 2001 (Dz.U. No 79, item 849), changed ordinance of 20 February 2003 (Dz.U. No 50, item 426), issued on the basis of the article 23 act 5 on the technical inspection.

Workers who want to get qualifications of the Office of Technical Inspection can choose from the wide range of trainings. Our UDT (the Office of Technical Inspection) trainings are run by experienced specialists in a given field, thanks to which they encompass wide theoretical knowledge and practice. We run open and close UDT trainings which can also be suited to our costumers' needs.

We invite you for UDT (the Office of Technical Inspection) courses to the Centre for Staff Training ERGON! We work all over the country. We have our training centres in:

  • Warsaw
  • Katowice (Silesia department)
  • Cracow
  • Bielsko-Biala

You can also read about UDT (the Office of Technical Inspection) qualifications categories and regulations in force!