Activities after finishing work on a gantry

Working on a gantry involves correct task- preparation and the appropriate operation of the machine while transport, but also every worker who has gantry qualifications must know which activities are to be done after finishing work.

All of the following activities must be done by every operator after every shift of work. Ignoring them can be the cause of serious accidents at work. Abiding EHS rules on the gantry position is essential because the equipment causes great danger at workplace if taking into consideration its dimensions and weight of hoist goods.

Most important activities after finishing work:

  • checking if there are no goods left on the machine used for the transport of goods- if so, they should be taken off and placed in an appropriate place according to regulations
  • you should lift up the load machine on indicated height so as it does not disturb moving below workers, vehicles- mostly, it is the height of approximately 2.5 metres, but it is individually determined according to the type of the machine and the workplace
  • you should place the machine in its stop position so as it does not disturb other jobs at the workplace
  • you should Press the emergency STOP button
  • you should cut off all control units which are on the control panel
  • you should switch off the power supply of the machine using the main off switch
  • you should provide for wind protector brakes if the machine is not equipped with them
  • if the machine is equipped with the electromagnet, it should be placed on the ground
  • before leaving the workplace, you should control the machine using your sight and pay attention to mechanical damages or operational liquid leakage
  • you should protect the machine against people who may use it incidentally
  • in case you notice any defects connected with the running of the machine, you should straightforwardly inform your employer as well as other operators if it is possible
  • at the end of the Shift, you should sign the operation book which means passing the machine on

You should remember that while taking control of the gantry by the next shift, the current craneman must pass on the gantry to another craneman. If it is not possible, then the craneman must leave work after getting permission from the direct supervisor.

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