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The Centre for Staff Training ERGON has prepared wide range of trainings- we invite you for the forklift course ( Warsaw and all over Poland) including the course for the operator of forklifts. Thanks to this course, you can come across all most important information about machine operation. Our forklift courses are run by experienced instructors and lecturers and thanks to us putting the emphasis on effects, obtaining UDT (the Office of Technical Inspection) qualifications will become only a formality. Nowadays, as forklifts are used in many jobs, such courses are a good investment which pays back both to the employee and the employer. We also invite people who want to train individually on our forklift truck courses.

Every forklift training run by our centre is extensive and consists of theory and practice. During courses, we discuss theoretical issues connected with the construction and operation of the machine while working as well as we run practical classes which teach participants the appropriate forklift maneuvering according to EHS and the Office of Technical Inspection regulations. We comprehensively prepare participants of our courses to obtain UDT (the Office of Technical Inspection) qualifications.
Types of qualifications:
According to UDT (the Office of Technical Inspection) regulations, there are three categories of qualifications while operating the power-lift truck:

I WJO on power-lift trucks including specialised ones: with an operator raised with the load and with the changeable extension arm
wózki jezdniowe podnośnikoweI WJO na wózki jezdniowe podnośnikoweładowarka teleskopowa - wózek widłowy ze zmiennym wysiegiem

II WJO on power-lift trucks (without specialised machines)

III WJO on driven and remote controlled power-lift trucks

The use of machines
Forklifts or forklift trucks are mechanical vehicles which are equipped with the motor driver or the engine. Thanks to it, they can move on a longer distance. Machines help doing lighter and heavier loading and unloading jobs on wooden pallets in warehouses, shops, harbours, production floors.

There are lots of forklifts in use. According to their exploitation, they are divided into: pull trucks, pallet trucks, reach trucks, stacking trucks and special forklifts. In terms of driving, forklifts are categorized as driven, platform, remote controlled and equipped with armchairs. Operating the movement of the forklift is similar to driving a car because the machine has got a steering wheel, brakes and an accelerator. To drive these machines, you will need forklift qualifications obtained according to the Office of Technical Inspection regulations.

The forklift course- the aim of the training
Forklift courses are designed for people who are over 18 and who have at least primary education or have completed medical examinations and obtained the doctor’s certificate allowing them to do the forklift operator job.

Thanks to trainings, you can get essential knowledge and skills to take the exam. Machines are used in more and more companies. Operation courses will be good investment in your future. It is worth learning how to use forklift in the centre ERGON- UDT (the Office of Technical Inspection) qualifications will be obtained easily thanks to it.

We invite you to get to know our complete offer!
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