Safety using mobile platforms near power lines

Modern working platforms including aerial platforms are an optimal choice while working at altitude. Then, when works are taking place near power lines, it is necessary to be extremely cautious. Power shocks are the most often cause of deaths among lift operators in the USA in 2012. Our aerial platform course includes exact information how to work safe on the site of power shock risk.

Among most frequent causes of power shock, there are:

  • the operator or some parts of the platform approaching or touching the power line in a dangerous way
  • the lack of the awareness of air power lines
  • the lack of the awareness of power running through lines
  • inappropriate operation of the platform when it is near power lines

The power shock can be mitigated thanks to appropriate actions decreasing the risk or managing the work at altitude. It is essential to properly train the operator, who should have UDT (the Office of Technical Inspection) qualifications.

Most important rules of safe work near power lines:

  • wherever it is possible, you should disconnect the air power lines before starting the job
  • if it is not possible, you should ensure adequate protection for the operator of the platform by shielding them using designed tools
  • you can use tools defining the distance from power lines which set on the alarm by approaching them too much
  • it is recommended to maintain the distance of maximum 15 metres having the extension arm fully set out near power poles and maximum 9 metres near wooden power poles
  • while working, it is advised on the ground to set maximum distance of setting out the extension arm
  • you should ensure the exact control of the site by additional workers
  • there must be appropriate plans for emergencies and all workers must be informed about procedures

The appropriate training and additionally keeping to safety procedures while working near power lines using different types of platforms is the most important thing. Power lines are a great danger and accidents are most frequently happening and they are the most dangerous ones as most of them result in death. During every training on mobile elevated work platforms, EHS topics are essential to work at altitude without risk.

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