Our centre specialises in organizing training designed for airport workers. In our offer, we have the course on the icemelter operation- the machine used in order to remove ice from planes. Thanks to our classes, you can gain knowledge and skills in the field of using this type of GSE ( Ground Support Equipment)- machines and equipment of the operation of ground airships.

Icemelters are commonly used equipment designed for conducting work of melting ice from the planes. Its purpose is to remove snow, ice or frostiness from their surface. Suitable chemicals are used which not only cause removing substances which are of great danger to the safety of the flight but also prevent from renewed silting up for a certain period of time. Ice, snow and frostiness which are on the plane lower its ability to the ascent because they form uneven surface interfering aerodynamics which can cause even a great disaster. Additionally, bigger pieces of ice can get to the engine or hit the wings which can cause similar dangers. Therefore, removing ice is necessarily done when the plane is covered with it while staying at the airport and preventively to counteract its ice surface during the flight in certain temperatures.

The process of ice melting is done while using the appropriate technical supply network- these are machines generating the mix of glycol and water at the appropriate temperature or other substances having ice melting properties used by workers in elevating aerial platforms. These platforms are operated by people having suitable qualifications.

Our course participants for airport staff receive necessary knowledge about the operation of the machines used in the process of ice melting as well as safety rules and industrial safety. Classes are completed with practice. Experienced instructors are responsible for the running of the course.

Trainings take place in appointed periods of time in our centres. We also organize closed classes for airport trainings. We invite you to benefit from our offer.