Gantries are hosting equipment which are designed for lowering and hoisting goods with a winch or a hoist. Goods placed there are limited in terms of their track as well as the height of lowering and hoisting and the width of the bridge of the machine.

There are mechanic and electric elements among units in the construction. If you choose the gantry course, then all precise information about the machine is given during classes. Below, we present the schematic construction of gantries.

EMechanical elements:

  • on the track- the curie and the fender
  • the steel construction of the machine, i.e. the buffet beam- the mechanism of the run, the driving wheel and the vehicle wheel, the buffer, the base plate (stop lug), the limit switch, the wind protector and copper brushes
  • the bridge – mostly l-section which is responsible for the track of the vehicle and is equipped with fenders
  • the trolley- equipped with the engine and the gear
  • the hosting mechanism- the frame, the tie rod made of steel line, the gear, the chain or the rope grooved barrel, the ring for rope operation, the rods with buffers and the limit switch, the hook suspension and the hook.

The electric elements:

  • the gantry connector- responsible for switching on and off the power supply with the power circuit
  • the power connector- responsible for switching on and off the gantry power supply; it is mostly installed on the platform
  • trolleys
  • control and distribution shelves
  • the distribution shelves of bridge system
  • the control panel
  • limit switches

All elements are responsible for three basic movements: the bridge movement, the stringing movement and the movement of hoisting slings on which the cargo is placed. This way, the transport of heavier and lighter goods can be done on the work site.

Depending on the type of gantries, there are the following construction elements.

The construction of the gate model:
In case of toll gates, the bridge is used which is hung on side bridges which are the connection for two or more gates. Gates have wheels with tyres or the rail chassis. Stringing machines move on the tolls of gate bridges.

The bridge model construction:
In case of bridge models, the truss bridge is used; it is wheeled with the use of the rails which are installed at the ceiling of the room. The Stringing machine is moved along such a bridge.

Depending on the machine model, it can be wired or wireless controlled from the ground or it can be equipped with the operator’s cabin. Bigger machines usually have cabins, smaller ones can be remote controlled.

Every person who wants to obtain gantry qualifications should know its exact construction. The knowledge of the construction is the basis of safe machine operation and it is connected with the low risk of accidents at work. Information given during the course is essential; therefore, as the future operator of the machine, you must get to know its operation principles and individual elements.