Our centre deals with organizing courses on container and pallet carriers which are commonly used at the airports in order to transport goods- luggage, pallets, containers and other types of loads including untypical goods demanding the appropriate preparation and supply network.

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Carriers of containers and pallets used at the airports are mobile scissor lifts- they are air platforms, type high loader with the combustion and electric transmission as well as air platforms type cargo- used to operate pallets and containers to and from the warehouse, from stillages, trucks and hiloaders. They are suited to ULD transport (unit load device) on containers and pallets and they are produced in a wide range of technical variants. Vehicles such as electric airport luggage tugs as well as tugs with diesel engine.

Workers operating transporters of containers and pallets must have knowledge and skills concerning the load manipulation. Main dangers connected with the inappropriate weight of the equipment are connected with not matching suitable ways of manipulation and not following safety rules and industrial safety. Some loads, such as cars require special care and the choice of appropriate means. Otherwise, there is the risk of damage not only to the load but also to the transport machines and the plane.

Courses organized by us for air staff encompass a wide range of knowledge and skills concerning the operation of transporters and safety rules connected with them. Our classes take into consideration current regulations and practice in this area and are based on wide experience of our instructors in GSE field (Ground Support Equipment)- the equipment and machines for operating airships from the ground.

The course of operating such kind of machines means comprehensive preparation for every worker at the airport as well as people wanting to get employment as the staff of ground airport staff. We organize trainings for airports- for organized groups as well as people interested in obtaining expertise in this field.

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