Forklifts are widely used in warehouses, logistic centres, large shops, industrial floors or halls. They make it possible to move loads which are on pallets and they allow to do the job faster and improve the safety. To operate the equipment, the forklift course is essential because during it, the participant obtains necessary theoretical information and practice on the operator’s position.

Forklift operation relies on operating the movement of the vehicle and additionally, the mast and the forks which are responsible for lifting and bringing down loads. Operating it is analogous to driving a car. The steering wheel as well as brakes and an accelerator are used. Some models are additionally equipped with the clutch. Most vehicles have two gears- slower and faster and it can move forwards and backwards.

Forklifts are maneuverable machines and they have a small angle of twist which causes they are easy to operate between stillages and in narrow areas. Manoeuvres are precise but because of the machine weight, vehicles must be operated carefully. At the maximum load, they are exposed to falling down. It is forbidden to do maneuvers at high speed and full load. The appropriate operation of the machine is taught on theforklift course, which makes participant know correct regulations of the machine operation.

To get forklift qualifications which are obtained from UDT (the Office of Technical Inspection) Warsaw after completing our classes at the Centre for Staff Training ERGON or via other units, it is necessary to take a practical exam. During this exam, you should complete correct maneuvres with and without the load. The completed forklift operator’s course qualifies you to work on this position. Qualifications obtained from UDT (the Office of Technical Inspection) are indefinitely valid and gives you authorization to work abroad.