The Act of 21 December 2000 on the technical inspection (Dz.U. 2013, item 963 with later changes)

The act states rules, forms and the range of doing technical inspection by suitable units. This is one of the basic acts connected with the activity of the Office of Technical Inspection. It involves all information connected with doing work in the range of technical inspection in Poland, including procedures giving qualifications by the Office of Technical Inspection, granting permission to the exploitation of technical machines and their design of producing involving materials and elements, repairs, modernization and turnover.

The Ordinance of the Council of Minister from 7 December 2012 concerning types of technical machines under the technical inspection (Dz. U. 2012 no 0 item. 1468), issued on the basis of the article 5 act 2 on the technical inspection.

It specifies types of machines which report to the technical inspection in Poland. The ordinance states forms of the technical inspection, their kinds, dates of technical inspection and the range of examinations for some technical machines used during work, including pressure equipment, machines of close transport, lifts, cabin and chair transporter, without pressure or with little pressure containers designed for storing toxic materials or caustic as well as inflammable liquid materials.

The Ordinance of the Economy Minister on 18 July 2001 on checking qualifications required to operate and service technical machines (Dz.U. No 79, item 849), changed with the ordinance from 20 February 2003.(Dz. U. No 50, item 426),issued on the basis of law 23 item 5 about the technical inspection.

The ordinance defines the procedure of checking qualifications which are required during the operation and maintenance of technical machines, kinds of technical machines for which operation and maintenance, you need qualifications. It also has the example of the conclusion on checking qualifications with information connected with respective entries, deadlines of informing interested people. It also includes information connected with the exam thanks to which you can obtain UDT ( the Office of Technical Inspection) qualifications for the operation and the maintenance of technical machines.

The ordinance of the Economy, Work and Social Politics Minister from 29 October 2003 on technical conditions of technical inspection according to the exploitation of some machines of close transport. (Dz. U. No 193, item 1890)

The ordinance includes information describing technical conditions of technical inspection connected with the exploitation of technical machines for close transport such as: hoists, hoist winches, gantries, staplers, cranes, freight lifts, mobile platforms, equipment for the handicapped, platform and cabin circular hoists, escalators and moving sidewalks, lifts, including those for the transport of people, cargo, small freight lifts and building lifts, line track hoisting cranes, lift trucks, lifting jacks designed for transporting goods in an unparallel way and technical machines for the maneuvering of containers.

The ordinance of the Economy Minister from 28 December 2001 on technical conditions of technical inspection which lifting jacks should undergo (Dz. U. No 4, item 43).

The document describes detailed technical conditions of conducting the technical inspection connected with designing, making, exploiting lifting jacks powered manually or mechanically, also designed for rectilinear load transport in horizontal way using tough elements and partially using the strand system. It also lists elements of lifting jacks whose substitution does not require arrangements with technical inspection units, safety coefficients and maximum operating force, patterns and calculative coefficients.

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