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In the Centre for Staff Training ERGON, we run courses for mobile platforms, which are designed for workers wanting to obtain UDT (the Office of Technical Inspection) qualifications. Mobile platforms are more and more often used on building sites and mouting works. Trainings are essential to operate them professionally. In our training offer, you will find courses for mobile platforms in category IP and IIP such as: mast and mobile elevated work platforms: low-speed and mobile self-propelled, aerial platforms and scissor lifts. They let gain necessary qualifications to work with all types of equipment.

Trainings run by our centre include a wide range of theory and practice. Every course on mobile platforms is divided into parts which include detailed information on working position and EHS regulations as well as regulations of technical inspection, building, maintenance and device operation. After the course completion, you can take UDT (the Office of Technical Inspection) exam to obtain mobile elevated work platform qualifications.

Types of qualifications:
Trainings run by us will help you to obtain the following UDT (the Office of Technical Inspection) qualifications:
Category IP qualifications:

  • low-speed mobile platforms (scissor lifts)
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  • self-propelled (aerial platforms))
  • mobile ( crawlers buckled down the car)
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Category IIP qualifications:

  • hanging
  • stationary
  • mast
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Mobile platforms are classified to the category of hoisting crane devices. They are designed for hoisting materials and people at certain altitude using a platform or a gondola car, which are hung on a hoist or lifted by the hoisting crane. Platforms are divided into static (situated in one place) or self-propelled (mobile, for example, truck-mounted). All types of devices are subject to technical inspection.

Mobile platforms are used primarily during building works, trimming works, installation and decorating at altitude. They are also used in advertising, cleaning jobs and many other fields which need hoisting a worker, equipment or material at certain altitude. There are various mobile platforms in use but qualifications are necessary for every type of machine.

The purpose of training
People over 18, without doctor contraindications against working as an operator and who have at least elementary education can take part in the training.

The mobile platform training entitles the worker to operate the machine on the basis of gained knowledge and skills in accordance with the certain category of qualifications and it can guarantee safe operation. Classes prepare to UDT (the Office of Technical Inspection) exam and after passing it, you can gain qualifications to operate the machine.

We invite you to use our offer, courses are regularly conducted and they can also be run in place and time chosen by the principal. We give you the possibility to negotiate prices. We encourage you to gain qualifications in our centre.