In our centre, we offer GSE training (Ground Suport Equipment)- machines and equipment to operate aircrafts from the ground. These are classes thanks to which you can gain knowledge and skills concerning duties as a ground steward at airports.

We organise trainings for air staff and people wanting to get a job at the airports. We also run trainings for airports- for organized groups.

Our training offer includes:

  • courses on containers and pallets transporters
  • cmbulifts courses
  • plane icemelters courses

The programme of our classes meets legal requirements connected with the operation of airport machines such as GSE. They are used at the airports, usually at ramps and in the service area at terminals. The range of operation involves the load operation connected with airplane mobility, cleaning, filling sanitary pads as well as supplying planes. Such work is conducted by airport workers or an outdoor operator.

Every operation course run in our centres includes theoretical and practical part. It is full of useful information on the ground aircraft operation positions. Classes are run by experienced instructors who have longstanding vocational experience and are open to your inquiries. Courses end with exams and after passing them, participants receive certificates confirming their vocational qualifications. Certificates allow to apply for positions designed for ground airport staff.

On our website, you can check current dates of organising classes- they take place in Warsaw and other cities in Poland. There is also the possibility of running courses at suitable time and places for closed groups. In case of additional questions, we are always at your disposal. We cordially invite you to take part in our courses for aviation and airport staff.