Most important Dos and don’ts while working on mobile platforms

Workers wanting to obtain UDT (the Office of Technical Inspection) qualifications for mobile platforms of various types, gain complex theoretical background which also include safety rules.

Before the machine is used: 

  • you must fulfill all everyday activities examining the machine
  • you mustn’t use damaged or incomplete devices
  • you mustn’t use devices which are not adjusted to every ground

Before moving the machine:

  • you must exactly check the ground according to its damages and obstacles
  • you must check the direction of moving the machine

Moving the machine:

  • you must constantly check the space in front of and over the machine in the direction of moving it
  • you must move the platform at certain speed
  • you must operate the machine to avoid pop-up obstacles
  • you mustn’t lean over the barriers of the machine
  • you mustn’t place objects on the control panel
  • you mustn’t lean back on the control panel
  • you mustn’t use mobile phones

Placing the machine in the appropriate position:

  • you must set the height of the machine on the appropriate level
  • you must mind all pop-up obstacles, also on the ceiling
  • you must check the ground considering its damages and level

Using the machine:

  • mobile platforms should not be used by people without training
  • the operator should be familiar with the certain type of the machine
  • the operator should be familiar with the risk of using the machine and the rules of work


  • you shouldn’t use the machine in case you are not sure the rescue procedures and there are no person around who could be familiar with them

Additionally, the course on mobile platforms includes other issues connected with safety rules while using the machine. As an operator, you should know all of presented rules for mobile platforms, mobile trucks, low-speed ones and others depending on its type and obtained qualifications.

Choosing our course on mobile platforms, you will gain complex service including theoretical and practical training which will let you safely operate the machine.